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Our Day Programs

We have many fun and practical day programs that reach out to our community.

Day Program Schedule

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Day Programs

Weekly Activities

The following activities take place at the L’Arche London Gathering Place.  As the Gathering Place opens, we are welcoming people to participate in these activities for half day (3 hours), and/or full day (6 hour) periods. There is a fee for service that is based on the support that participants require while attending the Day Participation Program. 

If you would like more information about the programs and services that are offered at the Gathering Place, please call 519 652 9778 ext. 228.

Drama and Instrumental/Vocal Music Club

Drumming Circle

In our music programs we use a wide variety of instruments that can be accessible for almost all participants.  Guitars, whistles, harmonicas, tamborines, maracas, bongo drums.  People can also simply sing, clap their hands, stomp their feet, move and dance.  We encourage everyone to participate and play along in the way that they choose.  Each person contributes in their own way that ultimately, together, creates a wonderful band of musicians.

Snoezelin -  The Gathering Place has a fully equipped Snoezelen Room.  In the Snoezelen room, participants engage in therapeutic sensory experiences in a safe and comfortable environment. The room is beneficial to individuals with sensory, cognitive, and physical disabilities. In this failure-free atmosphere, multi-sensory stimulation is selected according to the preference and abilities of the individual.

Jazzercise: A dance/jazz work out that is lead by an Instructor with musical accompaniment.

Line Dancing

Karaoke: Come and sing popular songs,  with a microphone with pre-recorded music. Lyrics are displayed on a screen.

Walking ClubOn Friday Mornings, weather permitting, a group of people head out into nature for a walk. 

Mosaics:  A medium in artwork using decorative and colourful tiles to create vases, trivets, picture frames, crosses and unique works of art.  Over the years we have developed our own techniques and designs.  Core members and assistants enjoy working on them, and every one can participate according to his or her ability.

Acrylic and Water color painting

Silk painting

Candle making, and traditional arts

Lunch/Cooking: Lunch made fresh by core members and assistants together. Lunch is prepared for 15-20 people , and sometimes we make lunch for celebrations.

Café BonjourA members run café – where many friends and neighbours from the community are invited to enjoy a cup of coffee, some baked goods, fellowship and music.  Through a 2017-2018 Trillium Seed Grant, We will be exploring Social Enterprise through the Café in our new Gathering Place.

Monday Morning Music Club: Monday Mornings, 10 – 11:00 am.  Participants are asked to attend with personal support aide if required.  Monday Morning Music Club does not require a fee.

Music is a big part of the L'Arche London Day Program.  We play music together within our Day Program as well as around the City of London.  The Club provides an opportunity for people with and without disabilities to gather and play music together.  Everyone has an opportunity to request a song, to sing it, to perform it.  Those who choose not to sing still enjoy their favourite songs being sung by the others who are present.  It is a live music experience that provides an opportunity for people to express themselves in an environment of welcome and belonging.  Every level of participation contributes to the social, recreational and therapeutic benefits that music provides.

L’Arche London Community Monthly Events

L’Arche London Potluck, 3rd Friday of every month, 5:45 pm at The L’Arche London Gathering Place.  All are welcome, bring a dish to share!

We also have a bi-weekly ecumenical worship service led by Ministers and lay people from various Churches London – including United Church, Anglican and Catholic Church.  Call 519 652 9778 ext 228 for more information.

For more information:

For information about other events (Annual Picnic, Annual Walk a thon, Annual Banquet), watch this website.

Or call, 519 652 9778 (L’Arche London Office).

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/larchelondon/

L’Arche London Monday Morning Music Club: http://www.mondaymorningmusicclub.org