Our Community Homes

Our Homes

L'Arche London has 3 homes in the London area - Cana House, Jubilee House and Bethany House.

Our Homes

At L'Arche London, people who have intellectual disabilities and those who come to assist, share life and daily activities together in family-like settings that are integrated into local neighbourhoods. L'Arche London has 3 homes in the London area – Cana House, Jubilee House and Bethany House.

Core Members and Assistants of L’Arche London

Today the residents of our homes consist of 12 core members, people who experience intellectual disabilities, and 12 assistants who live in the three homes. Founding Core Members are still in the community today, and are great resources about the history of L’Arche London.

271In the home, chores and responsibilities are shared. Weekends and evenings are times for outings, recreation, diverse faith community services and relaxation. Our community has many friends and volunteers who share their ideas, talents and energies with the community members. They often accompany Core Members to extra curricular activities such as the library, or choose to join the house in their regular activities. Relationships are at the heart of L’Arche and many people remain faithful to these friendships over many years.

The L’Arche London Day Program currently has a team of 6 Assistants, who, together with the core members, create a meaningful Day Participation Program which engages the creative, educational, therapeutic, social and vocational edge needs of core members who participate.