Our Story Mission

Our Mission

Sharing life with people with intellectual disabilities.

Our Mission

For over 19 years, L’Arche London has brought to life the vision of Jean Vanier, where people with and without intellectual disabilities share life in community with a wide circle of family, friends, and neighbours. We provide supports for daily living and community participation as well as the L’Arche London Day Participation Program. We help individuals with intellectual disabilities discover their gifts and abilities, and support them to achieve their goals for a meaningful life. L’Arche London is a community within the London community working with others to build a world where everyone belongs.

Our Identity

We are people, with and without intellectual disabilities, sharing life in communities belonging to an International Federation. Mutual relationships and trust in God are at the heart of our journey together. We celebrate the unique value of every person and recognize our need of one another.

L’Arche Identity Statement

Our Mission is to...

  • Make known the gifts of people with intellectual disabilities, revealed through mutually transforming relationships.
  • Foster an environment in community that responds to the changing needs of our members, while being faithful to the core values of our founding story.
  • Engage in our diverse cultures, working together towards a more human society.